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Single Install Script for Veeam Backup O365 Self Service Dashboard.

VBO Dashboard

Single Install Script for Veeam Backup O365 Self Service Dashboard with Windows Web Server.

A colleague Niels Engelen, Principal Analyst, Product Management created a great self-service web portal project that allows, customers & cloud providers to give access to O365 backups so that a user or customer may restore & manage his own O365 backup data.

The originating source for this project :

On the originating blog the code for this project is available via Github Repo and on VeeamHub.

Along with the code is a list of instructions & options on how one could deploy, it is straight forward if you follow a Linux based Web server like the Ubuntu option running Apache.

 However, windows Server & IIS always has its own challenges and can be somewhat of a task to get this working.

For this very reason I attempted to make an additional script that leverages Niels project to install all windows dependencies and then complete the VBO Dashboard project configuration through a single script simply run in PowerShell in the correct directory as .\Install.ps1

The Most challenging part I would say was installing windows features and roles as there are so many different approaches , If you edit the .\Install.ps1 you will see feature enablers that I have commented out , I left these in the event you might want additional web-server features for whatever reason.

Before we begin , NOTE that this is an Unofficial Veeam " product " Licensed Under MIT license

Usage of this script is at Users own risk.

Script .\Install.ps1

This Script is composed of a few files it will reference during installation:

      Runs github clone request to copy VBO dash files from Niels personal github
    2. Install.ps1
      Main Installer script calls the rest of the scripts in folder (use this as main installer)
    3. PHP-UWR.bat
    4. RUN.bat
    5. Web.Config

The Installation

What you need?

You need to download “VBO” Veeam Backup for office 365 & install this before hand

Here is the link

Don’t Have “VBO” pre-installed?

I have a second installer Script that will do VBO prerequisite .Net & VBO install for you , there are some complexities around .Net install that might require you to reboot.


**If at any point while using .\Install-VBO if a error occurs this is most likely due to a pending reboot request , Restart and re-run the script.

Step 1

Download required Files as folder from my google drive :



Google drive

Extract the downloaded Files with preferred Extraction util , I’ve used Winrar.


Ensure path is set to C:\ 

**No need to create folder this will be created on extraction to correct directory naming so that script can access correct location of files.

Winrar Path

Once completed Open Powershell

** Do so as administrator

Change your Directory to C:\Installdash\ with CD

CD C:\Installdash\

Run .\install.ps1


If no VBO pre-installed use the Install-VBO.ps1

Run .\install-VBO.ps1



Script will then run and install all required components


On Completion the Install will open the web browser to 2 pages





Setup will allow you to make some configuration changes to the layout and access to Dashboard & index is access to the dashboard.

At this point you can’t login to index.php as you need to enable the Rest API within VBO & assign a self-assigned certificate, once that is complete you can login

Step 2


Veeam Backup for O365 API

Once this is done you can login with Local administrator account to view dashboard


VBO Dashboard

Hope this has made life easier.

I used Windows Server 2016 & 2019 for testing.

Here is a recording to the installation  " Sorry about the quality "


More on Veeam's Rest APIs for Office 365 can be found on Help center here : 

Please comment with suggestions or issues & share, and thank you for taking the time to read.


Addition to My post ( 2020 /07 /30 )

I used Posh Gui to add a Windows form for install to act as mini GUI

In the files downloaded new file:

VBO Dash GUI.ps1

Right click and run with power shell from anywhere ( very basic GUI )


  1. Thanks Ian.
    Partners are starting to see the value in BaaS for O365. Once they see the value, they want to understand how they deliver Veeam Backup for Office 365 at scale and with "Self-Service" capabilities.
    This packaged solution will help them deliver on these requirements and help them digitally transform their business. Keep up the great work. Thanks Trent

  2. Hi Ian, thanks a lot for this sharing. Unfortunately, i tried 3 times with your file "install.ps1", can help to recheck about this? Appreciated.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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