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How to Create a Red Hat Single Node OpenShift Cluster for a Home Lab

  How to Create a Red Hat Single Node OpenShift Cluster for a Home Lab In this blog post, we'll walk through the steps to create a Red Hat Single Node OpenShift (SNO) cluster using the Assisted Installer, even if you don't have access to a hypervisor. The blog post demonstrates how to create a blank virtual machine (VM) on VMware vCloud Director, and then provision the SNO cluster on top of that VM. While I used VMware vCloud Director (VCD) as my IaaS lab environment, this process can be applied to any blank VM. This is completely a GUI-Based walkthrough for simplicity.

Veeam Kastens with Rancher K3s , WSL 2 & first App : Guide

Veeam Kasten on Rancher K3s running on WSL 2 ,  first App : Guide Intro   I wanted to run a small lab environment on my laptop , i would normally do this contained in a VM on hyper V or Vmware Workstation. Since we can Install Windows Subsystem Linux , i decided why not just use WSL to achieve the same. What I’ve done is install windows subsystem Linux on windows & then Install K3s then install Kasten’s , then install a application called sock shop from Weave Works Here are the steps , from WSL install to Application install  **NOTE  For WSL i recommend creating a config to limit its usage or you will see VMMEM process use most of your system resources.  See the tail end of this post for config example i used. WSL: In PowerShell as administrator run the following : Enable- WindowsOptionalF eature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux wsl -- list -- online wsl --install -d ubuntu-20.04 You will then be prompted with WSL Ubuntu Terminal , fi